Best Game to Win Money at Irish Casino

games to win casino

Since the early 2000s, Ireland has had its share of casino games as the industry grows fast every year. The industry is well regulated and most casinos in the country allow for deposits and withdrawals in the EU currency.

Gamblers get chances to play casino games and get real money bonuses, VIP promotions, improved security, a wide range of banking and withdrawal services. The industry provides a wide range of games for gamblers to bet and win money. Some of the best games to win money are as follows.

games to win in casino


Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play in Ireland. Gamblers play this game on both land-based casinos and online. The game comes in various versions and each has its best percentage payout.

Some of the versions are the classic blackjack which remains a highly popular game although it has a low edge of 0.5 percent. The European blackjack is the most common in Ireland and it has a house edge of 0.39 percent.

Other variations are face-up 21 with an edge of 0.69 percent, perfect pairs with different percentages, and Spanish 21. On average, blackjack has a house edge of 0.13 percent, which makes it a favorite game in Ireland.

Slots games

Although slots games remain a favorite to most Irish adults due to their fun and excitement, their chances of winning are a matter of luck. Slots have different varieties and each runs under specific rules. Each variety has unique bonuses and varying graphic rules.

The most common slots games variations are classic slots, five reel, multiple pay lines, progressive, and virtual reality slots. Some give a large number of free spins and other types of bonuses to Irish gamers. They have sharp graphics and are highly interesting games which makes them some of the most commonly played games in Irish casinos.

Video poker

In almost all video casino games played in Ireland, video poker attracts some of the highest payouts. In some casinos in Ireland, the win rate is as high as 90 percent. Most video poker players play alone online, although some visit land-based casinos to play.

Players create their poker and hope to win the best payout. They also attract high bonuses to help players increase their chances to win. Experts in casino gaming advise new players not to be lured by big bonuses but to be on the lookout for casinos with big money and low wagering rules.

Live dealer games

Live dealer games are casino games played between human beings instead of machines. They can be played on land casinos as well as online, although they are more favored when played in privacy or online via smartphones and computers.

These games were first introduced in Ireland in the mid-2000s and took advantage of the availability of strong internet connection and superfast gaming computers. Casino game programmers have created various versions of live dealer games such as card poker, roulette, and baccarat.


Roulette is considered one the best casino games for money in Ireland because it has a house edge of 1.35 percent. Chances for winning this game are high, although it depends on the roulette version you are playing because some have better payouts compared to others.

The most common versions are the European roulette and the American, with the main difference between the two being their odds. The type of bet between these two roulettes also matters.

Some of the betting examples are corner, straight up, street, split, and line and each has its unique payout percentage. Other common versions of roulette are the French roulette, the mini, and the multi-wheel roulette.

Sports betting

Sports betting is another highly common casino game for money in Ireland. It’s very common with the youth and most of them place their bets online. Those looking for real money betting opportunities in Ireland go for this game.

Sports gamblers predict the outcomes of sports activities such as car racing, horse racing, and various ball games like football, volleyball, hockey, and tennis. Sports betting is one of the games that developers have created the largest number of mobile applications for betting. Winning luck purely depends on correct predictions before and during gaming.

Real money games 

Real money games wagering is tied to the game outcomes. The payments can be redeemed in cash or a cash equivalent such as vouchers, goods, or services. Many Irish residents love these games because of their attractive cash prices.

The games come in many varieties, but the most common are blackout bingo, pool games, and solitaire. There are varieties that are played on land casinos but a greater variety is played online.

Players deposit some amount of money and begin to play. If they win, they get their cash instantly and some allow instant withdrawals too. Some do not pay cash but instead gives bonus points or other kinds of gifts like vouchers.


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