Casinos in Ireland – All You Need to Know About!

An Introduction to the Topic of Online Casinos

The Republic of Ireland has a population of nearly five million people, with many of them being of the legal age to gamble in the country. There are plenty of places throughout the country where players eighteen years or older can bet on various games.

But not all people in Ireland can reach some of these Irish casinos. That’s why online gambling in Ireland has become popular. Online casinos are legal to operate in Ireland, but there are some rules for these website operators to review when getting their establishments ready. They will need to receive their licenses and follow other terms for operation.

Is Offline Gambling Legal in Ireland?

Gambling is heavily restricted in Ireland, as the government runs all gambling-related activities. The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 states that the Irish government is in charge of running all gambling activities in the country. The law makes casinos illegal to operate in Ireland.

But there are many other ways how people can gamble in Ireland:

  • Private clubs have the right to offer betting tables and machines. There are a couple of private clubs scattered around the country, including Amusement City in Dublin. These places require people to become members to play, although membership is free in most places.
  • Sports wagering is available at various local sportsbooks and horse racing tracks. Some sportsbooks may be found in local pubs in major cities throughout Ireland.
  • The Irish National Lottery hosts a lottery that offers various games, including a few daily draw games.

The Gambling Control Bill of 2013 was introduced in the national Parliament, but it has not passed. The bill would allow physical casinos to operate in Ireland, although they would limit how many tables they could offer to players. The rules were utilized to ensure the fairness of games and to ensure only the proper people can play online.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Ireland?

Legislative Points for Online Gambling in Ireland

Online casinos are legal to operate in Ireland. The Irish government allows both Irish and offshore online gambling businesses to operate in Ireland.

The Betting Act Amendment of 2015 allows online gambling websites to operate in the country. The Betting Act Amendment was for sportsbooks, but it can also apply to online casinos.

The country’s attitude has been that online gambling has become easier to find these days, so it is only reasonable that there is a way how people who are interested in gambling online can legally do so. But any online gambling site that wants to operate must follow all national rules for work.

How Do Online Casino Operators in Ireland Receive Their Licenses?

ireland license

Operators who wish to acquire their online casino in Ireland licenses must apply with the Revenue Commissioners. An online betting firm must pay an initial fee of €10,000 to operate in Ireland. A proper review of the casino site is also necessary to ensure its fairness and that each entity will protect the customers’ data and privacy.

Each license lasts for two years. A license will expire when a specific licensing period ends. The period is the same for all operators regardless of when they first acquired their permits. Therefore, the initial license one receives could last for fewer than two years, but the renewal cost will be lower for those that haven’t operated as long.

Each group must also pay a renewal fee every two years. The fee will vary by venue, but it can get to up to €200,000. A casino’s fee is determined by its annual commission earnings and its general revenue total and turnover. Casinos that operate for a full two-year period during the licensing period will likely pay the highest renewal charges.

Some of the features casino operators can offer online throughout Ireland include traditional casino games, sports betting activities, bingo rooms, and poker rooms.

Limitations and Taxes for An Irish Casino

ireland taxes

The following rules apply to online casinos in Ireland. These include terms surrounding how these operators will pay taxes:

  • A corporate tax rate of 12.5% is owed to the Revenue Commissioners each year.
  • There’s also a gambling tax of 2% each year. The additional tax goes towards activities that may be interpreted as being risky to some.
  • Bookkeepers who offer online sports wagering must also pay a 1% tax on all the bets they process.
  • All players must be at least eighteen years of age to play.
  • While an online casino can set up operations, it cannot establish any physical sites where people can play games or manage their accounts. All interactions with the public must work online.
  • Everyone must follow the rules of the Criminal Justice Act of 2010. The act says that money laundering activities are illegal and are punishable by the law.
  • Casinos have the right to establish betting limits. These include rules where players can only bet a specific amount of funds on whatever games they play.

The Irish government also does not have any control over what these websites provide to players. All online casinos operate outside the reach of the Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Industry Prospects

Ireland has become an inviting country for online gambling, with players in Ireland spending nearly €10 billion on gambling in 2019.

What Gambling Activities Are Legal in Ireland?

People in Ireland can play various games online, including table games, slots, video poker, and whatever other specialty games online casinos feature. Private clubs that do offer games have a few poker and blackjack tables and slots, but online venues hold a greater variety of choices for play.

Horse racing is especially popular in Ireland. People will find many horse racing tracks for wagering throughout the land, including Ballinrobe, Gowran, and Mallow.

Many of the physical gambling locations in Ireland are called “card clubs.” These places can operate as private entities that require a membership, although memberships are typically free.

What Are the Top Casino Games in Ireland?


People continue to flock to blackjack for how it offers various ways to play. People can play a traditional six-deck round of blackjack, or they can play a one or two-deck version that offers fewer cards and fewer play options. Some places let people play with multiple blackjack hands at a time.


Five-card stud, seven-card stud, Omaha, and Texas Hold’em poker games are popular throughout Ireland. Caribbean stud poker is also noteworthy, as the game entails a player competing against the dealer instead of with other people at the same table. Caribbean Hold’em is another choice that entails playing against a dealer.


Baccarat has been a gambling staple throughout Europe since the game was first introduced in the nineteenth century. Baccarat offers a unique way of betting, as players can stick with either the player or banker when seeing who will win a hand. Some adventurous players can also place a tie bet that pays more.


Roulette is another traditional game available throughout Ireland. The European roulette variant is more popular, as it entails one green number alongside thirty-six others on the wheel. American roulette is also prominent, although that game features two green numbers in the same space. Roulette offers an array of betting choices on each spin.

Online Slots

Online slots are popular for offering various features that physical slots might not always provide. Some online games can include changing or descending symbols, massive arrays with multiple rows, and various bonus games for people who get enough scatter symbols. These slots can also be played for a few cents in some cases.


Can you actually win money at an online casino in Ireland?

You can potentially win at an Irish casino, although the amounts you could win might vary by location. Some places may offer progressive jackpots where you could win thousands or even millions of euros if you reach a jackpot. The games you’ll find operate on the same standards as what you would find at any other physical venue.

Is it safe to gamble online in Ireland?

The Irish government ensures that any online casino that wishes to operate in the republic must meet all standards for play. Every website must receive certification and a license to operate here. But you must still review what you’ll find here, as some unlicensed websites may still slip through and reach Irish players.

What are the most popular bonuses available at an Irish casino?

Some of the top bonuses to find include match deposit rewards where you can get free credits for play based on how much you deposit and the bonus terms. You can also find free spin bonuses where you can get free spins on a specific slot if you complete a deposit.

What are the most popular casino games in Ireland?

Blackjack is extremely popular because of the game’s versatility and the strategy needed to win this game. Baccarat is also notable, as it is a popular game that has been around in Europe for generations. Slots are also very popular for how they come in various forms and include many bonus features.

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